Mr fix it 

A few weeks back while working on our 52 week challenge Monkey and I got very carried away with Bears play . (We may have played more than he did)

The weeks theme was entitled fix. So we chose a construction play set as construction workers fix things.

I dressed him in his dungarees and dug out a construction hat from the garage. Having owned a costume hire shop I still have odd props lying around in strange and forgotten places. 

Next we got out his tippy truck and legs blocks.  We showed Bear how we placed the blocks in the truck and he helped remove them.  Monkey tried showing Bear how the tippy truck could lift it’s back and dump the lego onto the mat but bear prefer throwing the entire truck.

We also tried to show him how to build a lego wall bit by now Bear was bored and Monkey and I were constructing an urban skyline.

Oops ! Sometimes mom’s also need a bit if play therapy 😂😂😂


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