How this basket changed my day

I’m currently month 5 into the recovery of my broken ankle and leg. Hobbling has become a norm and chores that took 5 minutes still take close onto an hour to complete, unless I can do them sitting down.

Not to mention we still live in the double story flat with its stunning stairs on which I broke my ankle and legs. Having said this I’m also not able to walk up or down said steps. So , I do a very graceful bum shuffle down and a rather scarey zombie apocalypse imitation going up on my knees.

I have learnt how to get Bear up and down on my own and he laughs at the carnival ride that is his mamma.

As you can imagine if I’m either up or downstairs and need something from one of the other levels it can be quite a mission.

Today I took one of Bears sock baskets and made a quick nappy caddy to take with me downstairs.

Everything from nappy, barrier cream, wipes and spare dummy and bottle was dumped in.

Now when I needed to get back up it was easy to get the small basket with his requirements upstairs with him. 

I love my idea so much I’m thinking of leaving 1 small nappy basket in his downstairs play area with changing basics and another upstairs in the room.


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