Bears week in review

Each week I review the highlights of Little Bears week on a Sunday … I’m running a bit behind this week , so I thought I’d share today.

Last week was Bears last week at school and my last week working my resignation. The week seemed to drag on purpose lol

In the evenings we’d have just enough time to grab a bottle , some supper , a quick 20 minutes of play, bath , cuddle and bedtime story or songs before falling asleep.

Still being very chesty meant this mamma wasn’t sleeping much and nor was bear. His chest weazing so badly it would wake me if I did fall asleep. I’m happy to say Bear hasn’t used his pump since Monday .

Over the weekend Bear received two very special packages. The one, full of delicious Easter treats, was from Samantha  at Made with love catering and the other  an Easter basket from lily‘s personalised gifts

You can see by the photos how much fun we had decorating the Easter biscuits.  Bear couldn’t resist and chomped his way through the paint as well admiring the mush mash of colour on his hands.

As for the giant Easter cookie ….the other bears decided to help him finish the yummolicoous creation.

On Sunday Monkey arrived home from church camp and Bear was delighted to see his noisy brother. Not long after that Kiki arrived much to Bears delight. He just adores his big sister and you can tell the affection is mutual (although at 13 she won’t admit that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)


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