It’s early Wednesday morning and it’s day 3 of our “Stay at home mom” journey. I was just thinking how so many things have changed already ….

1. Sleeping 

I start with sleep because we all know how little you get of that once baby arrives. I think the two biggest things we’ve noticed is that Bear no longer fights us to sleep. He was always easy to put to sleep, he would just put his head down and nod off.  Then after starting school he began to fuss and fight us at sleep times.I can only assume this is because we sleep when tired at home and at school they may have tried to follow a sleep schedule. 

His naps have also changed.  Instead of small frequent sleeps, we’ve quickly set a routine of a morning and afternoon nap of about an hour and he’s sleeping through the night.

Whoop! Whoop!  That amazing feeling as a mom when you tuck your little bear into bed at 7.30pm and wake with him at 5am. Sigh! 😆😆

2. Cuddles

Bear wants to be cuddled all the time and this mamma bear is not objecting. If he’s not cuddling he likes to be right near me. I noticed after he started school that my cuddly baby often fought me in my arms , now he loving lies on my chest in the early mornings to go back to sleep. 

He again kisses and cuddles us at random moments of affection and chooses to crawl into our laps.

 I don’t believe you can spoil a baby as nature gave us these helpless humans for us to nurture,guide and love.  It’s our job to attend to their every need and cry. That is how they feel safe and secure.  ❤
3. Food

We’ve quickly established a new eating schedule with Bear now having 3 meals and the required 4 bottles of milk. He doesn’t seem as hungry and isn’t drinking more milk.

 Some days after school he would be so hungry he would have supper and two milk bottles. We had many issues with them not mixung his feeds correctly, with his dispenser returning one day mostly full in each compartment and he had been given 3 bottles of weak formula. The schools excuse was that Dr Brown formula dispensers dont work, the formula stays in the container. You can all imagine my response to that.

 I’m also able to see how much water and juice he has daily.

4. Stimulation

One of my biggest reasons for choosing Bears pre-school was because they claimed to be using the Practica program to stimulate the babies.  Only after we had handed over a large amount of cash in deposits and fees did they reluctantly share that the staff were indeed still training (this was in February) and I received my first notice of any Practica activities starting for April.

With Bear and I doing so many activities at home one of my biggest fears with him at school was a lack of stimulaton. 

He would come home and be very niggly.  Wanting to play but too tired to do anything except sleep.

I first noticed a change in this behaviour when we were off together and he was sick . Even though he could hardly breathe he didn’t niggle. He played content and slept when he was tired from an activity.

On a Thursday , after doing his Babynastix classes with Suzaan, he was a calmer more happy baby when we collected him. He also slept better and didn’t have that need to be constantly busy.

With school holidays , Bear has the company of Kiki and Monkey and he is totally enjoying spending time with his siblings. He also had a trail of adoring aunties that pop by just to love him. With us not having to rush our days , Pappa bear has more time to just cuddle and play with bear and naturally he has me making sure there’s always the right amount of educational stimulation thrown into the day . (Do teachers ever stop teaching?)


Thankfully the biggest change to bear is his health.

Gone are the strange bites we would find on him from a Monday. Our Dr confirmed flea bites , but naturally the school denied.  For us it was frustrating.  I would see the spots dissappear on a weekend only to reappear on a Monday. Always on wrists, arms and legs so I can only assume it was in the carpets while he crawled.

His chest has been clear since Sunday. He is able to breathe and I last used his pump on Monday night.

The snotty nose has dried up and he is once again looking and sounding healthy.

Knowing that he is indeed much better health wise and less subseptable to picking up new viruses is the equivalent to me winning the Lotto right now.

This mamma is smiling and daily as I watch Bear, I know we’ve made the best decision by me being at home with our precious Bear.


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