Introducing solids

At 6 months most parents introduce solids.

To introduce baby to solids choose a rice cereal and after reading the instructions for preperation make sure both you and baby are relaxed before introducing a little on the tip of a rubber baby feeding spoon.

Feed baby a little milk before attempting to try the cereal as this will satisfy the main part of his hunger.

Always feed baby sitting up in a high chair or other chair. Remember to place a bib on baby to deflect any mess and use a soft rubber tipped baby spoon. Keep a burp cloth handy for any additional mess.

Don’t be too concerned if baby try to grab the food , bowl or spoon. He’s testing things the best way he knows how …through his mouth.

When introducing other foods, try go introduce 1 new taste or flavour a week , giving baby time to get used to the taste and texture.

If baby doesn’t like something offer something else and try the first food at a later time.


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