Review… Baby legends bath lilo

 The Baby legends company believe in a hands free parent style, allowing parents to continue with their daily tasks whilst caring for baby. 

From experience, they realised a baby’s needs to be close to their carer . Unfortunately in a busy home this is not always possible and so the idea for their products was developed.

So , I was very eager to try their bath lilo with Bear.

The bath lilo was developed with the intention of making bath and nappy time easier and in doing so promote bonding and an enjoyable bath experience for both baby and his parents.

The stylish , light weight bath lilo is made from viscoise lycra, the same materials as professional swimsuits. This makes the product non irritational on skin, breathable and easy to dry. 

It floats , with the assistance of a polystyrene filling, in water and I immediately noted the safety sign reminding parents not to leave baby unattended. 

At first when placing Bear on the lilo he seemed unsure but within seconds he was happily gurgling away at me and I was able to have two free hands with which to wash him. 

Bath time was much more enjoyable as he was less restricted than in his previous bath chair and I felt more comfortable knowing he wasn’t lying on hard plastic.  

He was still able to grab his toys and hair washing was an entirely easier option using the lilo.

After our bath, we hung the lilo over the shower and I was impressed with how quickly it dried. I then folded it in half and placed it in a bathroom draw. The lilo is easy to store and to take with if you travelling or going away.

Baby legends recommend the lilo from birth till baby can sit at 4 to 6 months. The recommended weight is 2.5 to 8kgs.

You can also use the lilo to prevent baby from rolling over when sleeping and as  changing mat.

Please note the lilo is not recommended for swimming pools.

To order please contact : 


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