Why I won’t be writing today ….

Today starts the first day of a new journey for Bear and I.  

I am officially a stay at home , hope to write full time , mamma bear.

I woke up at the cracks of dawn, fed bear and with a huge smile realised I’d be able to not have to rush this morning. Papa bear could sleep in late and get some bear cuddles before work. Bear could wake at his leisure,  no rushing from a warm bed to get to school on time. I’m able to spend quality holiday time with Kiki but I think best of all I got to pack papa bears lunch and make him his morning coffee. Two small things I love doing for him that often due to having to get out the door on time he does or we just don’t get to.

I’d envisioned the whole of last month waking today and spending the day catching up on reviews and posts but the truth is after this post I won’t be writing today.

Now don’t gasp …. I have a real reason. 

The first step to achieving personal goals is an organised home. The more organised your home the happier and more content you are and in the same line of thinking the clearer your goals and thoughts.

With my broken leg an ankle and a full almost 12 hours a day not being at home the last few months much in our home has been overlooked or just placed anywhere.

Exhaustion set in and we just dumped what we could where and covered cleaning the basics.

Today I’ve already moved my room around , sorted our cupboards,  changed bears linen and attacked the bathroom.

The rest of the house is next. I want , need and love a clean , organised work area and as that is now my home I’m in full 1950’s housewife mode.

Organised home . Organised thoughts . Organised goals …. I think those are worth a day off šŸ˜†


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