Whats in my nappy bag ? 

The ever daughnting nappy bag…. do you ever have enough in it ? What if you forget something?

As baby grows your nappy bag needs will change so I’ve tried to list the necessary items you should pack in.


If you are breastfeeding a cover cloth , nipple cream , breast pads and an arm pillow are practical items to pack into your bag.

If you are bottle feeding 1 bottle of pre boiled water for each feed you will be out and a spare, a small bottle of boiled water or juice to drink, formula correctly measured in a formula dispenser for each feed.

Gripe water to help with winds and a burp cloth or two.

If baby is on solids add  2 bibs , baby’s meal and spoon. I like to freeze Bears meal if we going to be all day . By the time he has lunch it’s defrosted and still fresh.

I also keep a seperate cooler bag inside the nappy bag to hold all of bears bottles and food . I find this more practical than polystyrene bottle holders.


A changing mat , 2 nappies for every 2 hours you are out, barrier cream and wipes. Don’t forget the nappy bags in order to discard of any used nappies.  

If you are using cloth nappies the ratio of nappies changes is about the same but you may want to include a waterproof bag to store soiled nappies.


2 changes of clothes is a general rule. I always make that one warm and one cool outfit. A hat (beenie  for winter and cap for summer), jersey and spare pair of socks.


Sunblock is essential and you should be using this on baby’s delicate skin daily. 

Hand sanitiser for mom, tissues and a small baby powder to freshen up after a bad nappy.

If baby takes a dummy you should pack a spare dummy in container, dummy chain and dummy sanitiser.

For older children 2 or 3 small toys that they enjoy.


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