The persuit of imperfection 

I love reading those mommy blogs with perfect children and perfect homes. Their photos look like they’ve been professionally styled in a studio and have had a wonderful team of designers create them. Not only are they uber stylish, they really make me wish I had that to .

But as the mom of many , and with a few years of parenting experience I know better than most that life is certainly not predictable,  styled or perfect with children.

It is more like that failed Pinetrest project.

Messy, raw, spontaneous and certainly not planned.

Real mom’s don’t have time to co -ordinate mini photo shoots , we too busy working, doing washing, feeding, bathing, and trying to get the kids to bed on time . Oops ! I forgot about the sink full of dishes that needs to be washed as well. 

We don’t have the money to hire professional decorators we too busy working nappies and wipes into our budgets and as most of our good stuff is packed away until the kids leave home and with the invasion of kiddy paraphernalia I’m not sure the decorators could really match our faux fur rug with the red plastic table adored with Barney placemats.

As for a make up team trying to get us that picture perfect look ….pfffft! We just too tired. Not to mention the baby dribble and squished toddler finger food neatly marking our clothes. Um!  Is that banana in your hair? 

And so , with Bear , I want to appeal to the real mom’s.  
Those who make it through the day on caffeine , humour and cuddles.  The mom’s whose homes are full of mismatched baby items but lots of love. The mom who caught a quick shower when baby slept and noticed 2 hours later she only got one leg shaved. 

As I mentioned I love the picture perfect blog photos as much as I love that file of Pintrest ideas I’ve never started but the mom in me would rather share real photos of Bear. The innocent , the raw , the true parenting moments.



4 thoughts on “The persuit of imperfection 

  1. Right in there with you! Try taking a shower with hubby standing outside the door holding a screaming baby asking if u finished every 5 seconds. Time flies by though, and that screaming baby is now 7 yrs old. Hang in there, you got this.


  2. Love the blog and so much is true, but the term “real mom” confuses me…is my sister, who is a stay at home mom, yet has a char 3 times a week, a gorgeous spotless house, beautiful hair and clothes, not also a “real mom”, when she spends every spare second she has with her daughter? All I’m saying is everyone is doing their best, by whatever means they have and to imply that the “keeping it together person” is not a real mom is sad. This comes from me, with a messy house, frizzy hair and a kid with dirty fingernails lol!


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