Review ….Magoo arm pillow

I was excited when I read a mail from Magoo asking Bear and I to try out their latest project … an arm pillow.

I’d seen several on Facebook and thought they looked really comfortable. 

The next day Theresa dropped one at our door.

Super stylish little white clouds floated on the soft grey pillow. I immediately noticed it was reversible and both colours complimented my nappy bag and nursery theme.

Small enough to fit into a nappy bag and just wide enough for Bear to use as a sleeping pillow this meant I’d never need to take a pillow with in his pram.

We also used the pillow for tummy time and I watched as bear comfortably proped himself up on it. 

He then cuddled it for almost twenty minutes like a teddy so our actual testing of the product was delayed until Bears next feed.

At his feed I strapped the pillow onto my arm. The velcro that joins the pillow meant that I only needed one hand to attach so I could still hold Bear with the other.

Bear had been going through a phase of wanting to drink lying on a pillow in front of me so I was eager to see his response to lying in my arms for his bottle. 

He quickly settled and lay his head on the arm pillow. He did not move till his feed was done.

The pillow is a must for all new mom’s , especially those who breastfeed. Not only is it comfortable for baby but for mom and dad too. 

I loved the fact that it wasn’t bulky and didn’t make my arm hot. Mostly I loved that it’s such a versatile product … we got a feeding pillow, tummy time prop, baby pillow and cuddle toy all in one.

To order your own arm pillow contact


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