Tired mamma cuddles

I am writing this with Bear lying on my chest trying to breathe after his night feed. His head elevated and me almost sitting up straight until the phlegm passes and he can breathe unobstructed. 

I have hardly slept since last Thursday. I am beyond exhausted.I have to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for my class of toddlers tomorrow  …. and yet, nothing could keep me from holding him until he is OK. 

In the silence of the early morning hours as I listen to his breathing and feel the protective arms of papa bear next to us …it’s hard not to get a dose of mamma nostalgia.

I reflect on how our lives have changed in the last 6 months. How one little being has the ability to make us re-evaluate all that is important.

Mostly I think how lucky we are, how blessed to have this beautiful happy little boy engulf our days. 

We get to share his giggles and laughter. 

 We get to watch him grow and discover a  world of new experiences.

 We get to protect and love our perfect little human.

Our world has stopped selfishly revolving around ourselves as we instinctively place Bears needs above all else.

And in the quiet , early hours as the universe still sleeps I get to hold my little bear and cuddle him close.

 These moments will pass all too quick.

Enjoy the cuddles mamma. Through the tears , through the exhaustion …. enjoy the cuddles. 💕💕


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