Counting down the days 

As I sit in the rain, finishing off another hectic day in the life of a preschool teacher it’s with bitter sweet happiness I can count my days in the classroom down.


I’m  down to 6 working days. 6 last days to leave  an impression. 6 last days to make a difference, offer a hug, wipe a tear, help a little being handle a large emotion and share a milestone or small moment with a parent who otherwise would miss out on their little ones day.

So why leave you ask? 

Because in my home is a little boy whose milestones and small moments I’m missing. Whose “firsts” are reported or in our case , forgotten to be reported by staff who watch over him.

It’s hard as a mom and educator to go to work each day and spend so many hours raising other people’s children knowing that I’m leaving my child to someone else to raise.

My mommy guilt sets in the moment I drop him at school in an early morning rush and by evening it’s trippled as we have just enough time with Bear to feed him , bath him and put him to bed.

12 long hours without him seeing us. Of him locked in one room with strangers and crying babies. 12 hours of no individual attention and very little stimulation, whilst I lavish my time and attention on teaching and caring for other children.

Torn between doing my job efficiently and looking after my child ….I will always,as any good parent would , choose my child’s well being.


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