#life with Bear …. calling mamma

All parents secretly long for their baby’s  first word to be ‘mamma’ or ‘dada’, each of us convinced our little offspring will look at us with those adorable baby eyes and splutter our names.

I started loosing hope on either being Bears first words when at 3 months he started greeting us with “air-o” (hello) . Not  long after that he started greeting his brother with loud enthusiastic “oooooh” (boo) sounds each time he saw him.

So two weeks ago when he proudly called “da” a hundred times throughout the day …I gave up. It looked like mamma was way down on the vocabulary list.

Then today , as he climbed into my arms for a cuddle I heard it! A gentle soft “mama”. Brushing it off as just him gurgling, i put it out of my mind.

A few moments later, when he wanted me to pick him up again but a little louder and with more confidence “mama”

And finally , for the third time just after his bath he looked at me and there it was “mama”.

It’s hard to explain the pride a parent feels when they hear their child call their name for the first time.

It’s equality as hard resisting the urge to try get them to do it over and over again 😆


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