#what mamma said ….why I started blogging

I’ve been writing stories since I was 8 , on an old rickety noisy typewriter my grandmother bought me.

I sat dreaming of bunny’s and fairies on wild adventures with unicorns that danced under rainbows and swam with mermaids.

I lived in a rich world of fantasy  inspired by the likes of Enid Blyton and Charles Dickens. 

I recited fables and fairy tales and read books way beyond my years. 

I consumed it all …each written word a wondrous adventure and a vivid creation of my imagination.  

When my bear brood came along , my story telling skills became bedtime rituals and wondrous distractions.  I aspired to keep the magic of childhood alive through my stories.

As they grew we had a story for each life lesson and hard day. 

I taught them to journal from young and encouraged the writing of poetry to express themselves.

We all had pen pals and my bears would spend hours with pens and paper turning words into the drawings within their imaginations.

With my bears almost grown , I found the courage to share my written words for the first time. A shivering fear engulfed me and it was a wonderful shock when I realised my writings were being received with an eager encouragement.

There was nothing to stop me .I began freelancing and sharing my poetry. I guest blogged but not once did I think to start my own blog.

Then Bear was born.

I realised how fast the years had flown from when at 17 I found myself pregnant with my first bear to now , 24 years later. My bears had grown and I had just a few memories and photos of all the wonderful day of their childhoods.

I’m a memory keeper and I want to remember every moment of bears life. His expressions, reactions, likes, dislikes and small moments the mind forgets with time.

Having said this , I still owned a Facebook page encouraging parents and educators to be more involved with the children in their care. 

I’ve poured my heart into the Fun mamma projet since my first week of moving to Jhb in 2012 and I wasn’t ready to let go or abandon my loyal readers. 

I remember wondering how to incorporate my beautiful new little Human and my passion for Fun Mamma SA. 

Then as I sat writing another guest blog , it dawned on me ….start my own blog and document Bears journey while still educating, inspiring and encouraging others.

And so 

The Fun mamma SA blog was born.


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