The Parent files…How to get ready in the mornings with baby

How to get ready in the mornings with 

Both papa bear and I hate being late.

 Having said that as parents we are all too aware of how much our time is predetermined by bear and not really us any more.

Both of us need to be ready to walk out the door to our respective jobs and still have bear ready , buckled up and on his way to school by 6.15am

So, we’ve picked up a few parenting hacks along the way to make our mornings easier.

When we collect bear in the evening  we head to the store for any supplies we may need for home. Supper is negotiated in the car on the way to fetch bear , so our shopping list is ready and we can add anything bear may need.

Papa bear starts supper as I unpack bears bags. Bottles are washed, sterilised and filled for the next day and supper cooking utensils washed as the cooking is done.

Lunches for the next day are made as supper is being made.

Dirty clothing is added to the wash immediately and his bag packed for the next day.

School book read, and we can add any notes or get anything that may be needed ready.

Often as bear plays and papa bear unwinds in front of the TV I catch up with my others bears on chat .

We eat together and bears meals are placed in his cooler for the next day along with his spoon.

Dishes are done straight after supper and kitchen neatened. Sometimes a light bit of housework is done but generally we clean as we go so our chores are minimal.

Bear then has his bath,  last bottle and story before snuggles and bed.

After bear is asleep we get ourselves ready for the next day. This ensures that when we wake up all we need to do is get dressed, make the bed , dress bear , grab our bags and head out the door.


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