Things we love ….Magoo products

I just adore Magoo range of products and knew that I had to order when I found myself  browsing their website and wanting EVERYTHING!!!

Limited only by my bank account 😂😂 I placed an order for a set of dummy chains and a bunting.

A few days later I received these beautifully made products at my door.

The dummy chains are long enough to clip at the bottom of a bib or shirt so baby doesn’t hurt themselves with the clip. Stylish and bright. I especially love the transport one for bear. The dummy rings are soft and take both a dummy with a handle  and without.

I was rather vague when ordering my bunting. I hadn’t seen the vintage aeroplane fabric as a bunting but know that their linen in this range is my next purchase . So I asked if I could get a bunting made from this. I fell instantly in love when opening the bunting. The vintage fabric is blended with blue gingham giving an old world charm and allowing for many years of use.

As I said I want everything on the Magoo website.


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