#life with bear … a week in review 

Our week started with an awesome prize from Kid zone of a smart kid box. Bear got so excited seeing all the bright colours in the box of new goodies just for him. 

I especially love the cute owl back pack and taglet. No guess that the musical bells were his favourite lol. 

Our gorgeous bunting from Magoo arrived and I couldn’t wait to place the beautifully crafted vintage aeroplane design around bears cot.

We explored kinetic sand. Bear loves the squishy sand , but sadly as I discovered the hard way it doesn’t wipe of with a wet wipe and so a totally sandy bear needed a bath afterwards.

Bear explored tummy time  and play time on his new Eva mat in the play area.

We read a few books and enjoyed the banana smell of our yellow play dough.

Bear loves his wooden blocks and we spent some time playing with those at the table.

I’m practicing my walking to get this ankle back to no crutches asap so bear and I took a walk around the house in his pram.

The easter bunny had his photo taken for our homemade easter cards. How cute do those ears look on bear?

And we planted our easter photo prop signs from Fancy that  next to their cute Easter bucket i ordered for bears eggs.

Bear took us shopping and proudly sat straight up in the trolley.

We went for supper Friday night at Colcaccios where bear and papa amused themselves with an alphabet app on the tab till our meals arrived.

We enjoyed a wonderful session at mom’s and babes on Saturday morning and bear was truly exhausted when we were done. I’m finally able to apply pressure on my foot and stand and it was with great difficulty that I choked back the tears as I was able to stand and hold bear for the first time since he was 3 weeks old for his activities.

Later that afternoon bear attended his first birthday party.He’s quite the socialite and had a happy grin throughout.

He got his first jump on a jumping castle and enjoyed his very first sugar rush.

Bear and Kiki got to spend some quality time together this weekend and he adores his big sister.

Still battling this nasty cold. Bears chest has been really wheezy and I find myself giving him more meds than I like 😕 hopefully it eases soon and he is 100 percent before long.


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