Life with bear … a fairy tea party

Bear was invited to his very first birthday party this weekend. 
The gorgeous Ciara and Isabella celebrated in true fairy style and this mamma fell in love with the amazing decor. 

As soon as I hobbled through the gate I was transported to a magical fairy land all shimmery and shiny.

Little fairy’s running round with bubble wands and tutus giggling with delight. 

Kiki, bear and I positioned ourself on a large fluffy mat beside a pastel hued teepee and bear went straight onto his tummy to feel the mats textures.

When his friend Eli arrived we borrowed some wings from the dress up wardrobe and dressed the boys for our impromptu photo shoot.

 Bear loved the bubbles and even got to bounce on the bubblegum pink bouncy castle. 

There were fairies, butterflies and mushrooms where ever you looked and a table set out for a fairy celebration.

The cake stole the show with a beautiful teacup placed upon the top . So many delicious morsels to tempt….I’m sure I gained 10 kgs just looking.

I even allowed bear a major sugar rush by giving him one of the heart shaped lollys to suck. . .I’m just saying the tantrum that followed when I removed it from him is enough to make me worry about his terrible twos 😂😂

Bear is smiling in every photo. 

He had an absolute ball with his friends .

 It was a sleeping , happy baby that we strapped into the car seat 2 hours later.


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