#What mamma said ….keep it up mamma! You doing an amazing job! 

Parenting is often a daunting matrix of unexpected chaos no matter how many children you have.

These beautiful little humans pop out and bombard us with a sense of neurotic worry that we are not good enough, that we are not making the right decisions for them or that we dont know enough about raising children.

You go from carefree just handling your life to the needs , wants and survival of another being solely your responsibility. ….no pressure! 

Then of course there’s the thousands of experts opinions, families advise , articles, blog posts and you tube videos that depict a hundred different views of parenting.

You damed if you do and damed if you dont.

The sceptics are everywhere.

Bottle feed, breast feed, Co -sleep, baby wearing , organic feeding …..the whirlwind of terms and opinions circulates in a torrent of mommy guilt .

Regardless of how you do it , or what you do there will always be that one mommy group , reminding you that because you not doing it the same as them, you are wrong! 

Mammas. …especially  first time mammas , listening to everyone and trying to please the world around you will gradually turn you into a neurotic mess.

My advise ….read, educate yourself and then choose the options best for you and your child.

No one will ever know your child’s needs better than you. Will you always get it right? No! Mamma you are human …you will make mistakes. Will you change ideas and opinions? Yes! As baby grows and you gain more confidence in parenting you will find what works for you and your babies. You will instinctively choose the best advise for your family.

Does mommy guilt ever dissappear?  No!! No matter how old they are you will always worry that you havent done enough, could have done better or should have done more.

The good news mamma …that is what makes you an amazing mom. The fact that in the late hours of the evening , when the world is asleep and your little being is cuddled in his bed ….you are still trying to make sense of that one small incident, long forgotten.

 Keep it up mamma! You doing an amazing job ! 


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