#what mamma said ….I’m not ready 

Tonight Bear swopped his formula for cows milk. He’s been eating solids for 2 full months now and tucks into 3 healthy meals a day. Not only does he love his food he also wants to feed himself , so he now holds one spoon and I another at food time.

These are often messy affairs and he loves the idea that he’s feeding himself. I dont mind. I love that he is independant and confidently wants to try new things. And it’s just a bit of mess …nothing that soap and water won’t clean.

Finger foods are his favourite and he manages toast, biltong and biscuits quite well.

I also introduced his first sippy cup today …expecting him to gulp in too much and spit most it out , I was totally shocked when his chubby fingers closed around the handles and he sipped like a pro. Astonished, you would think he’d been drinking from the spout for months….I guess all those little sips from mommy’s glass of fruit juice have taught him not to gulp.

This does of course mean that he will now use his sippy cup during the day and his bottle only for his bedtime feed. 

It also means my little baby really is a big boy …..

I watched him as I lay him on his cot tonight, and all I can think is how fast he has grown in the last 5 months and as much as I can see he’s ready to grow …I’m not so sure I’m ready !


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