The parent files …introducing breastfeeding

If you’ve chosen to breastfeed it may seem overwhelming and you may still need to get the the hang of it. 

After baby has learnt to latch correctly and the two of you have found your most comfortable position to feed, it does get easier. Patience is the key. 

Most newborns require feeds every 2 to 4 hours but the average feeding time is 3 hours.

It’s important that baby learns to latch correctly. The hospital midwife , your baby health clinic sister or a breastfeeding consultant can assist in guiding you till baby latches correctly. They will also assist in showing you how to hold baby comfortably.

You don’t produce milk for the first few days of breastfeeding. You produce colostrum. This is baby’s first milk and has been produced by your body from as early as 6 moths into your pregnancy.

The high calorie substance in this white liquid is perfect for your babies first nutritional needs in his early days.

Your breasts will be soft before the milk comes in, this is your bodies way of allowing baby to learn to latch.

After three days , your breasts will feel fuller as your breastmilk has now come in. To ease them it may help to bath in hot water before feeding.

Ensure that you are wearing a comfortable, supportive bra.

For engorged or uncomfortably full breaststroke you can use cool gel pads for relief. 

Some common breastfeeding problems are cracked nipped, mastitis and blocked ducts. It’s best to discuss these with your doctor, clinic sister or lactation consultant


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