Life with bear ….the play room

I’m so excited , my resignation is in and I’m currently working the last few weeks of my notice. From April I’m at home with my bear and writing full time. 

Having said this , with Bear growing as quickly as he is, I realise how much I need to do in preperation for this. 

The first item on our agenda is to set up a play area specifically for Bear so that we can continue to learn through play.

His big sister bought a table and chairs , as bear now sits unaided. And I’m throwing down an Eva foam alphabet mat to get those crawling legs started.

I’ve bought some storage boxes and will label each one :- soft toys, dress up, outside play, toys and balls.

Bear got an easel a few weeks back so I’ve placed a basket with paint,  brushes,crayons,  dough and cutters , glitter glue, modeling clay , card, scissors and kinetic sand underneath the easel.

And so we just need to add a few balls to the ball pond and we are set up for playtime 😆😆


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