Life with little bear …. a week in review

This has been a busy week for bear . We started the week by collecting bears art work from his Mom’s and babe’s class teacher.

This naturally went straight to the fridge and it dawned on me that our fridge art moments have just started. I hope we have enough space on our fridge for Picasso works 😆

With world book day this week we dressed bear as Woody from Toy story and he tootled off to school in his cowboy digs to enjoy another day at school.

Sadly I discovered a nail cut on bears head and still am clueless as to how this happened. The teachers didn’t mention a word and so I’m awaiting the principals reply.

Our Acorn products are taking over the bathroom as bear learns to explore the various colour, smells and textures in his bath. We’ve also gone from a very neat bathroom to a colourful adventure room that constantly smells of a fruity soap concoction.

We’ve also added Eva foam letter and numbers for our bath tiles and bear loves them (mostly in his mouth😂😂😂)

He had great fun helping this mamma pack the orders .

We got out our craft box and made papa bears gift card from bear.

After a relaxing weekend bear watched as I made papa bears birthday cake …

And then he test tasted it to see mamma did a good job.

A teething bear has been rubbing those gums ferociously and so papa bear dashed to the shop for a trusted remedy of biltong to chew on. Bear loves biltong and spent a good 15 minutes enjoying his yummy piece.

I found this Easter bear in our room…

And we started setting up bears playroom area.

Bear came face to face with a baby geko. We have had them move back since the cat ran away. 

And today we celebrated papa bears birthday where bear got some bonding time with 2 of his bigger bear brothers.

All in all its been a relaxing , quiet but busy week. Bear trying to fight another respitory infection and enjoys his bonding time with Papa bear.

Now for us to work on our 52 week challenge for the week ….


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