Craft … emojis

Emojis are everywhere and I’ve rounded up a few emojis crafts for you to make to keep the kids (and adults entertained) 

Felt emojis bean bags

Cut circles from yellow felt. Stitch and fill with rice.

Cut the facial features from felt scraps and glue on with bostick.

Emoji jars

Fill a purity  jar with yellow paint. Swirl till the jar is covered. I would recommend  an acrylic or craft paint if you don’t have glass paint. Paint facial features on outside of jar

Emoji lanterns
Purchase some yellow lanterns from a party store. Glue on facial feature from coloured paper.

Salt dough emojis
Use your favourite salt dough recipe. Cit several circles. Bake. Paint yellow and use markers to draw on Emoji faces. Poke a hole in each before baking if you want to hang them up.

Painted stone emojis 

Paint your favourite beach stones to resemble Emoji faces.

Emoji photo props

From large sheets of yellow card cut several circles. Glue on card Emoji faces.


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