#little bear …. fevers

3 hours sleep has left both pappa bear and I looking like the zombie apocalypse from the walking dead.

Our very happy bear was a rather niggly grizzly last night with a fever of 38.2 degrees and spiking.

His moans and boiling hot body indicated his uncomfortableness and I fought back the tears.

I hate when babies are ill. They can’t tell you where it hurts or how they feel. Often this leaves you feeling hopeless.

Bear seemed fine his body was a bit hot but with the weather lately who isn’t?  

Wednesday night his fever spiked to 37.8  degrees but by morning he was back to a healthy 34 degrees. So we sent him to school.

Last night however he had his most restless night ever. Even through his latest bouts of illness he has never cried …last night he cried.

We offered him water, milk and gave him some ponado syrup. We washed his burning body with a cool cloth, placed the fan on him and removed his tshirt for a cooler one. Hour after hour his body fought whatever was bringing on the fever.

Eventually I saw the tell tale sweat beads as I sat holding him and trying to calm him. Excited that his fever had broken I checked again only to find it had  just dropped to 37.6 degrees.

Needless to say we have an appointment later this morning with his Dr. 

It seems to have been an awful month with bear being sick for almost 4 weeks now and this mamma bear is totally exhausted.

As I watch my bear sleeping off his med

s and fever I’m hoping he’s back to his healthy self soon. 


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