#little bear … 5 months

Today my precious bear is 5 months old ….how fast is the time going.  Just yesterday he was a minute little baby that I had just delivered. 

Now he’s a big boy full of personality.

At 5 months bear is a fast learner. He sees something once and wants to copy it immediately. 

He loves reading and art time. I’m blown away that he knows how to hold the crayons and paintbrush. He doesn’t eat the play dough and likes to be knee deep in sensory bins.

He adores his daddy and I’m sure those gutral daaas are the first inkling of his new word dad a (so much for saying mamma first sigh)

He never stops talking ( that he gets from me ) and has two words …aaaho ( hello) and boo . 

We sing together daily and clap your hands is his favourite song.

He rolls over , pulls himself into sitting , trie’s to stand , can move his walker backwards and crawls like a worm by wiggling his whole body.

He loves other children and is a very social baby .

Food is a firm favourite and he has just discovered finger food.

So much growth in such a short time ….


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