#what mamma said…. chickenpox

We certainly have had our fair share of illness and it seems that chicken pox was our latest visitor.

Bear had some spots last week but with our Cape town heat I dismissed it as heat rash and maybe a moquito bite or two.

After 3 days I started looking for measles as we all know measles is doing the rounds….

Well by day 4 papa bear and I took bear to the clinic…after 7 kids one would think that I’d have instinctively known it was chicken pox.

So Friday morning see us back at the Dr. ..thank goodness for medical aids. Bear thought it was a fun game as the doc gave him a once over and confirmed our childhood illness.

Armed with lotions, potions and cortisone syrup I prepped myself for a misrible bear full of spots.

We’ve had a good natured bear and just slight spots. He doesn’t seem Ill at all. 

As his spots dissappear one by one I’m happy to say we can now mark chickenpox off his illness chart.


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