#what mamma said …valentine’s day 

I love any reason to celebrate and Valentines day is no exception. But as new parents , love seems to have taken a back seat in favour of baby babble and nappy changes.

I ordered papa bears gift long before and so I was covered with a gift and spent the day sending love notes and cute little heart filled texts.

As you’ve all read I thought papa bear had forgotten the day and do didn’t get my heart set on anything special.

Our mornings started with us all dressed in red and rushing out the door. Bear was off to a school valentine’s party, I had 13 toddlers awaiting love day and truthfully by the time papa bear sent me his text at lunchtime saying ” hey hey my beautiful valentine” I was long over the day.

So when I saw my gorgeous huge pot of lilies after my challenging day, I could do little more than smile from pure delight . Greatful that papa bear had remembered I enjoyed their scent as we headed to fetch bear.

We collected bear and stuck in his bag was the cutest little love bug made with his foot print. I had tears of mommy pride as I looked at the first art bear has done with someone other than me.

We walked in the house only to find that 15 year old monkey had made us a suprise valentine meal. Pappa bear and I had already decided to go for supper so with a quick taste of monkeys food we packed it away for the next day lunch and headed out.

Proud mom moment 2 and 3 go to monkey who I discovered can cook amazingly and for being so thoughtful.

Pappa bear and I headed to one of our favourite reastaurants for a delicious Italian meal. Good food , good wine , good company …
This is how all valentines days should be spent 


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