Out and about …Wimpy Bayside

I’m not a big Wimpy fan at all. Honestly I’ve had several nasty insidents in their stores that have left me reeling in shock. 

The worst was a filthy spoon with left over Nutella stuck to it at a Jhb Wimpy branch ….after that day I haven’t entered a wimpy easily.

So when they had a competition on fb just after I broke my leg I entered not really expecting to win but determined to give them another chance at showing me good service.

Suprised that I  won, I eagerly awaited my breakfast prize ….and waited  …and waited …and ….well after 4 months of waiting I finally threw a few toys and ranted. 

Allan from Botswana wimpy offices got my complaint.  He called me , phoned someone in the know and less than a week later I received my prize.

Thank you Allan and Wimpy for last night’s supper. …I was super happy not to have to cook.

Service was still awful in the branch….but the food was delicious. 

We even purchased a few art kits to keep the bears busy.


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