With Valentines day behind us you may want to start with Easter crafts . Below are a medley of some of my favourite 

Bunny jars

Fill a cute jar with easter eggs. Paint the lid white. From  white card cut out ears and face. From pink card cut inner ears and nose. Glue as picture. Draw on facial features and add a cotton ball tail.
Card bunny wreath

Construct the bunny wreath from a cardboard box. Cover in blue wrapping.use cardboard to cut flower’s,  eggs and hen. Glue as in picture.

Chick in an egg

Construct the egg from card and either paste coloured paper or paint the design. Cut 2 yellow chicks from card. Add details. Glue to inner part of egg and hang with gingham ribbon.

Ice cream stick bunny

This 3d bunny is easier to make than it looks. First draw the bunny shape on a large sheet of paper. Now glue the sticks to firm the first layer using the image as a template. Make 10 to 15 rows.
Bunny foot print

Onto paper or canvas print your little ones foot.draw in the rest of the bunny’s details with marker.

Standing boy and girl bunny

Cut the bunnies from old card boxes.


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