Pregnancy education week … 8 -14 February

​Pregnancy Awareness week is celebrated from 8 – 14 February.

As a mom , it’s wonderful to recall the wonder of how different each of my pregnancies were. 

At 17 with my eldest daughter, I discovered the scorn behind teen pregnancies and understood the hardship of single parenting. 

My boys were easy as I was older but they were all born so close together. My eldest son almost never made it to the hospital and would have been born in the back seat of an old buggie,  my son S was induced prematurely with a cord wrapped around his neck,  B I delivered myself and with R I gave birth and rushed home to look after my other children. 

My little girl was born in a softened room with my other children being able to hold her within 10 minutes of her birth. My pregnancy with her was uneventful and enjoyable.

Being an older mom with bear , I was so much more educated ,  prepared and aware of the risks in pregnancy.

As a mom of miscarriage angels I know the love and joy of life , no matter how fleeting.

So I wanted to share one of my favourite images from my baby shower.  That of myself and bears godmother and her mother .


There is nothing more important than a support group of strong maternal woman.

As you celebrate your current pregnancies, those where angels grew their wings or the pregnancies that brought you little hands and hearts to hold, may you always know the joys of life 💜


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