Little bear ….windmills 

We all had them as kids ….those brightly coloured crinkly windmills on a stick.

I spent hours after parties and trips to the beach with my gran blowing my windmills round and round. Sometimes my sister and I would hold our windmills just outside the car window and watch as the wind did it’s job.

So when I saw one in Langbaan two weekends ago I was eager to see bears reaction to his new toy.

The bright colours attracted him immediately and he dropped his new tip truck in favour for this cheap party favour.

At one point pappas bear and I were more concerned about a trip to the ER as he tried to shove the stick into his mouth and eye.

Loud shouts if protest and a firm grip followed as pappas bear tried to remove the new favourite toy from his chubby hands.

A few days later monkey attached the windmill into the standing fan and bear was mesmerised with the turning kaleidoscope of colours. 

I’ve pack it up before we lose an eye 😅 and have made a mental note to include one in each of his first birthday party packs 


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