#what mamma said …playdates

Babies are naturally social and as parents, we often lack social interaction as we parent in what can be very isolated circumstances. 

Play dates are one way to not only socialise your little one but also to get some greatly appreciated adult time with your friends as well. 

Here are some tip to consider when socialising your little one:


Socialise your baby with someone who’s parents you get on well with. Someone from a mom and baby group, your antenatal class or your little one’s play group who you have a connection with. 

to play 

Try not to  over schedule games and activities on a play date. Allow your children to develop their play and friendships naturally.  If you do an activity, don’t allow it to be the whole play date.  You need time to get to know the other parents as well. 


Do not schedule a play date in place of a  nap. You will end up with a misrible child who has not enjoyed themselves. Choose a time of day when your child is most alert.


As a rule of thumb, a play date should be one hour per year of your child’s life. With bear I’ve averaged ten to fifteen minutes for each month …so our play date at 4 months are around 40 to 60 minutes.

What to take with

Consult with the other parents but usually baby’s bottles, food and snacks, a favourite toy (incase there is fighting) , comforter and a slab of chocolate for the parents to relax and share 😆😂
Happy playing moms


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