Edu tip ….Helping your child to read at home

Reading for understanding

Helping your child to develop reading comprehension skills is critical to his or her school success.

You can help your child to develop these skills with the following guideline.

Context clues

When you hear a  new word on the TV or in a story book ask your child to guess it’s meaning based on the context in which you heard it.


Cut up a small comic from the newspaper.  Ask your child to arrange it in a sequence that makes sensense.  Have them retell the story using the props from you -first,next,then and last.

Cause and effect

When watching a movie, occasionally pause and ask your child what happened an why they think it happened in the movie.

Drawing conclusions

When your child misplaced something, prompt them with clues like –

Where did you have it last?

Who else may have used it?

Help to draw a conclusion as to where the missing object may be.

Realism and fantasy

Give your child two signs one with an R for real and the other with an F for fantasy. Explain that fantasy is things we imagine.  

Suggest various senarios and have your child hold up the sign they think is more likely.

Then switch roles and have your child suggest the senario while you answer.

Fact and opinion

Occasionally pause conversation and ask if what was said was a fact or an opinion.


Ask your child to help with classifying jobs like folding the clean clothing according to type of clothing, packing the cutlery into the cutlery organiser, sorting the containers into shapes.

Compare and contrast

On a neighbourhood walk with your child ask them how the various houses,trees , gardens, post boxes and street signs are the same or different.


Pause a movie that you are both watching and ask your child to predict what will happen next. Then watch to verify the prediction.


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