The parent files ….what to pack in your school nappy bag

​What to pack in baby’s school bag.
The big day has arrived and you are ready to take baby to school for the first time, but what do you pack ?

As an educator I can assure you that you can’t pack to much in. We need the items that help to keep your precious baby comfortable.

As a mom I can assure you that you will constantly wonder if you should have packed that last item in.

Unless your school has specific requirements below are the basics to pack to ensure baby is well cared for.

Your nappy bag …
This is easier if baby is under a year old as they are more spaciously designed.

Changing mat….
Most schools have a changing mat rest or area that is sanitised but should you go to the shops after collecting baby it’s nice to have in your bag if you need to clean a diaper.

6 diapers daily and 2 incase of emergency after school.

A toiletry bag …
This should contain small size powder, sunscreen and barrier cream.

Wet wipes

3 changes of clothing….
For the summer months make sure these are cool clothes that are easy to come off for changing. Teachers change nappies 4 to 6 times daily on up to 20 children, easy clothing with no belts and buckles is appreciated.
Always add a warm outfit and jersey.
For winter months make sure to pack warm clothing and include an extra cool outfit should the weather change.

A sun hat or cap for summer and a beanie for winter.

A cooler bag to hold bottles and feeds

4 bottles for school and a 5th for emergencies going home.

Formulae dispenser with 5 feeds mixes

Any solids for the day

Their own spoon and bowl

6 to 8 bibs

Dummy in dummy holder and one with dummy chain.

Any comfort toy baby may need

A small blanket to use for home time 


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