Craft ….toilet tube creations

Above are some of my favourite toilet tube creations. As a preschool teacher I will just say never underestimate the potential of an old toilet tube 😂


This lazy Croc is made by first cutting a crocodile image from green card. Paint some toilet tubes green for the body and glue on. Just like that in a snap you have a new croc friend.

Space rocket 

Fire up the little ones imaginations with this bright rocket. Paint a toilet tube orange and glue on silver foil strips as decoration and window. A yellow triangle card makes the point and after adding two yellow tail parts you are fired up and ready to go.

5…4 …3 …2 ..1…blast off !!


Who doesn’t love the minions? Paint your toilet tubes yellow. Cut blue clothing to glue on . Add some googkey eyes and you ready to banana the day away with your new friends. 

A village

Quick and easy village to inspire your little ones imaginations. Add card roofs , doors and windowd to painted toilet tubes .

Fif the church add a cross made from two toothpicks painted in gold glitter glue.

The trees are card cones painted green.


Every child needs to feel like royalty. Cut your toilet tube to resemble a crown.  Decorate with glitter glues. Attach wit elastic. 


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