Craft …. a bucket full of Valentines ideas

I rounded up some of my favourite ideas for this post.

Owl popcorn bag

Use a brown bread bag and full with a popcorn treat to send to school on Valentines day. All you need to completell your owlocal is some coloured card and glue to cut and paste wings, eyes and a huge heart with your own personal love message.

I love you print

This is a nice easy craft especially for babies and toddlers. I plan on making g this for papa bear from little bear. Simply cut your paper to size of frame. Use red pain’t for the prints and add the wording in marker.


In a small zip lock bag add two biscuits,a treat size chocolate and a marshmallow. Staple the label onto the top. Great to give in class or as a friendship gift 

Handprint hearts

Another nice one for the little hands. Grandparents will adore a hand print card done on heart shaped paper. Glue onto a larger card heart. Punch holes and tie a small ribbon bow.


I made these for my class last year and they adore them. Decorate your clothes peg as a butterfly. Fill a zip lock bag with treats and attach peg in centre for a fluttering treat.

Toilet tube butterfly 

Paint the tube your favourite colour . Draw on a face. Add wings from coloured card and pipe cleaner feelers. Don’t forget to add your valentines message.

Row of hearts

To make this attach several cut hearts onto string across a window ,door or wall.I like little pegs to atach them to the string.

Toilet tube love bug

Paint the toilet tube in stripes. Glue on card cut out feelers and wings and attach pipe cleaners as legs. Don’t forget his Google eyes and pompom nose.

Love bug prints

The love bug prints are made by dipping your child’s fingers into paint or ink and making prints on a piece of paper. Use markers to add details.

We love you to pieces

 If you’ve ever wondered what to do with those old puzzle pieces now us your chance to use them. Make a frame by gluing with craft glue several craft sticks together. Make a heart shape from the puzzle pieces. Paint red and use a marker to add wording. A piece of ribbon or string taped to the back will help you hang your creation.

Family love tree

Draw the Base of your tree on thick white card. Have all the family member make two finger prints to form a heart above their names. Frame and hang.


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