Craft …cat in the hat mask

I’m a huge Dr Seuss fan and the cat in the hat is one if my all time favourite stories.

I just love this cat in the hat mask to make.

Cut a circle out if a paper plate.glue on wool or pipe cleaners for whiskers. Print a large hat and bow and paint red and white .

Glue on and imagine all the places you can go …..


Craft …balloon people

This is an old craft that Monkey and Kiki, 4 and 7 in the photo, enjoyed. I’m sure as bear gets older he will have just as much fun making his own balloon creations.

We bought face stickers and decorated balloons. 

Edu tip … feed the bear

On a bread packet draw a bear face and cut out his mouth. 

Cut 26 fish and label each with a letter of the alphabet.

Have your child paste them into the bears mouth in alphabeticall order.

As your child begins to read and spell you can have them post each letter in as they spell out the words.