Life with little bear …light house hunting 

Papa bear and I have been light house hunting for the last two years. It’s an amazing adventure that’s led us to 8 awesome light houses so far. 

Some we’ve been able to get up close to , others we’ve only managed to observe from afar.

This Saturday I got a bee in my bonnet and decided we needed to go discover the two light houses in Saldana. The North and South light houses stand at opposite ends of each other and I was really eager to get on the road.

Little bear was just as excited as we strappend him into his car seat with his new shades on. After pimping his ride with much needed accessories and baby paraphernalia we were ready for this road trip.

But first we needed to get much needed body fuel to sustain us. After all no day can start without coffee.

I love the open road and nothing makes me happier than a road trip.

We travelled past Melkbos on towards our destination. Bear slept behind us and gurgled his delight along the way as we meandered past the dunes and wide open areas of West coast vegetation. 

Papa bear reasoned that we would see the lighthouse from the beach in Saldana so our first stop was the ideal light blue ocean. Much to our dismay no light houses were in view.

We Googled and discovered one of the lighthouses could be seen from the nature reserve. So we headed towards Langebaan, to the West coast nature reserve. Only to discover that we had the wrong reserve . Neither light house was accessible.  One stands within the navy barracks and the other in a private reserve.

Never one to give up Papa bear drove towards the navy barracks and we entered the residential area. Driving down the winding streets on search of our light house. Although a wonderful drive this too prover futile.

We headed back towards Saldana. After all the harbour should allow you to see the light houses…..right?

We drove all the way to the end of the harbour where we came across a view point that allowed us to see two very faint light houses on either end of the horizon. By now bear was asleep and we were happy to snap a photo or two and head home.

And so our adventure took us through the streets of Langebaan and Saldana. We discovered a navy Base and explored a harbour …not bad for a Saturday morning. It’s just a pity the light houses weren’t more visible .


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