Babynastixs. .. a review

Three weeks into little bears first school month and we received a pamphlet advertising babynastixs as an extra mural.

Being 4 months old and in light of the fact most school nursery’s are nievely under the impression that you can’t teach babies  much ,I was interested to discover what babynastixs were going to do each week.

I popped Suzaan a quick Facebook message and was immediately impressed with her speedy reply. After a quick discussion she arranged a short demo class for papa bear and I. 

Suzanne friendly and enthusiastic manner is infectious and I watched as little bear comfortably went to her. He was full of smiles for this nice aunty who was going to play with him.

We watched as Suzaan and bear danced to the first song and how his little giggles escaped him when she boogied on down.

Next they moved onto some puppet play for visual tracking, this is one of little bears favourite activities and he relished in the bright colours of the farm yard animals.

Then out came the big ball and little bears eyes were wide with excitement. He loves balls and this mammas heart just melted as I watched his large grins whilst rolling and bouncing on the ball.

Sadly bears tummy took over and we called the demo to a stop. 

I was glad to hear that the lessons are one on one so little bear will enjoy his stimulated playtime uninterrupted.  Also that each lesson ends in a lovely baby massage. 

It was important to me that he is able to stop if over stimulated or uncomfortable to which I was assured this is policy.

I must say I’m a lot happier knowing that little bear will be properly stimulated during the week.

Thank you Suzaan for becoming a part of little bears journey ….


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