52 weeks of play ..week 2

The theme for week 2 was green and the boys had a lot of fun with this theme.

I love the photos of Seth attacking his sisters green hair. What a vibrant shade. I honestly wish this mamma bear was brave enough to wear this colour. 

How smart is Amanda by introducing different textured food for Seth to sample in his green bowl? After all everything goes to the mouth. Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his treat bowl. Yummy! 

For this week’s activity I introduced bear to some wooden blocks.  He much prefer ed to play with all the colours and grew bored quickly with just the green blocks. But I watched as his little fingers learnt to grasp and manoeuvre the blocks to his mouth.

We also played with his favourite toy …talking scout. He loves to lie and listen as scout tells him stories and sings to him .

Next week’s theme is bubbles ….


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