#what mamma said … every mamma needs a chill space

As mamma bears we take a lot on our shoulders….kids,homes,work, social lives ,hobbies and partners. 

Life can get very busy,and as mom’s we often forget to take time for ourselves.

The old rule of a happy mom is a happy home. And I was reminded of this this afternoon when ,after a long week and a very sore ankle , we parked next to the beach and I got to soak in my happy space.

I love the beach. The smell of the ocean . The wind blowing across the sand. The smell of sunlotion. Everything about the beach excites, inspires and calms me.

This is my happy space. My calm. And I realised I need to make the time to recharge regularly to stay happy and focused….to be the best mom I can be .

Today mamma’s I encourage you to take some time for yourself. Find your happy space and relax😆


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