First day jitterbugs

It was with trepidation that I  got bear ready for his first day at school on Tuesday.   Not due to lack of confidence in his teachers , the school or him but in my own nervousness.

Lucky to be able to have spend my 6 other children’s first years at home with them , little bear is my first child to attend creche. And at the tender age of 3 months to boot.

The dreaded morning arose and I woke early just to watch my little bear sleep for a few moments before he grew up before my eyes.

I lingered in dressing him and chose a big boy outfit with his first real shoes. After all he was a big boy today…

He smiled all the way , as if to reassure his neurotic mom that he would be fine. Bag checked,4 times. Essentials packed, last minute instructions written in his book and we were all set to buckle our bouncing bear into his car seat and head to school.

Thankfully his class is upstairs and due to my broken ankle I couldn’t drop him off because I honestly would have held on tight and headed home.

No tears …my big boy braved his new adventure and reveled in it like a duck in water. 

By 4pm when I finally got an email showing me a huge smiling toothless grin, I’d survived one of the longest days of my life and tears of relief flowed freely.

It’s not easy leaving a child in someone’s care, as a preschool teacher I deal with this daily but it’s quite different when you are the mom.


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