Safety. .. Mozzies and more

​We all love summer and can’t wait to unpack those summer sandles and sunnies,but unfortunatly with our summer sunshine and warmer weather come those unwelcome creatures that bite and sting.
And so we hunt the shelves of our local pharmacy for lotions and potions to keep mozzies and friends at bay.

Some ways to keep baby insect free are:

Mosquito nets
You can purchase inexspensive nets for baby’s crib,cot,pram and car chair. These will prevent any unwanted guests nibbling on baby’s gentle skin.

Cover up
Cover as much of baby as you can. Use cotton clothing to allow baby’s skin to breathe and to prevent overheating.

Insect repellants
Always check the repellant you are using is safe for baby’s skin.
Spray insect repellants on your hands and rub gently onto baby’s skin. This will prevent any going into baby’s eyes and mouth.
Don’t use repellants near baby’s eyes,mouth,nose or on any cuts or infected skin.
Spray the repellant in an open area to prevent baby breathing it in.
Dont spray near food.
Try to only apply repellant onto baby’s clothing.

Clean up
Always clean any area where you’ve prepared food,to discourage insects.
Keep bins clean.


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