What mom said….Shout out to the pj parade 

Babies are so darn cute …but not at 3am. 

As you lay in bed hoping those tiny niggles will quieten and his little tummy will be satisfied until morning ,silently offering up prayers to let you catch just 10 minute’s more before the pj shift starts….ALAS!out comes the louder more demanding niggles. The gentle cries that you know are going to erupt into full sirens if that hunger isn’t satisfied.

Your eyes force themselves open…just enough  to find the food , locate the now somewhat irate baby and climb hurriedly back into bed to resume the feed.

With the gentle sucks baby is calmed ,his tummy taking its full as you sit listening to the night sounds and usually the rest of the household sleep. 

Nappies changed,winds out,20 mins of rocking baby back to sleep whilst similtaniously yawning…and he’s ready to go back to the cot.

Your tired body hauls it’s way back to baby’s cot and you welcome the thought of being tucked up into your duvet. 


As soon as your head hits that pillow …you are now awake.
Welcome moms to the pj parade.



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