#what mamma said ….change their attitude

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Some wonderfully easy ways to change your child’s attitude. 


Safety. .. Mozzies and more

​We all love summer and can’t wait to unpack those summer sandles and sunnies,but unfortunatly with our summer sunshine and warmer weather come those unwelcome creatures that bite and sting.
And so we hunt the shelves of our local pharmacy for lotions and potions to keep mozzies and friends at bay.

Some ways to keep baby insect free are:

Mosquito nets
You can purchase inexspensive nets for baby’s crib,cot,pram and car chair. These will prevent any unwanted guests nibbling on baby’s gentle skin.

Cover up
Cover as much of baby as you can. Use cotton clothing to allow baby’s skin to breathe and to prevent overheating.

Insect repellants
Always check the repellant you are using is safe for baby’s skin.
Spray insect repellants on your hands and rub gently onto baby’s skin. This will prevent any going into baby’s eyes and mouth.
Don’t use repellants near baby’s eyes,mouth,nose or on any cuts or infected skin.
Spray the repellant in an open area to prevent baby breathing it in.
Dont spray near food.
Try to only apply repellant onto baby’s clothing.

Clean up
Always clean any area where you’ve prepared food,to discourage insects.
Keep bins clean.

Safety. .. happy hydration

​Just as you get more thirsty in the warmer weather so does baby,therefore it is vitally important to ensure baby does not dehydrate during the course of the day.
If you exclusively breastfeed your baby,he will not need any additional water but will need to feed more regularly to stop him from being thirsty.
The composition of breastmilk provides both nutrition and hydration.

Older babies and those bottle fed need additional water during the day. This water should be boiled and cooled. Do not use bottle water unless you’ve boiled it first. Introduce small amounts between normal feeds.

Safety … honey I burnt the kids

​We’ve all had too much sun on more than one occasion.  Sometimes,even with sunblock, UV swimsuits and umbrellas our little ones manage to get sunburnt. 
Should your baby incur a nasty dose of sunburn,try not to touch the skin. Sunburn at the best of times is nasty and painful, even more so for gentle skin.

The best way to treat baby’s sun burn is to remove all clothing and apply an after sun cream specifically designed for babies. Your chemist should be able to point out the right one for you to use.

Keep baby well hydrated and indoors.

In severe cases of sun burn,take baby to the Dr immediately. Severe sunburn can lead to dehydration,heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Safety … Cars and sun

​Travelling with your baby in the car during the summer months poses it’s own problems. The heat outside will automatically increase the temperature inside your car. This could cause baby distress and over heating. 
Some ways to keep baby cool and comfortable are:

Car seat
Baby’s seat needs to be comfortable and safely positioned where there is the least amount of sun exposure.

Window screens
Place window screens on back windows to minimise the UV exposure and sun’s glare in baby’s eyes.

Treat baby with sunscreen each time you leave the house. The sun rays through the car windows can cause sun burn.

Dress baby as cool as possible. Try to use cotton clothing and blankets as this allows baby to stay cool.

Air conditioner
Use the aircon to regulate the temperature inside the car, but don’t allow the air flow to blow directly on baby as this can cause him to get sick.

DO NOT LEAVE BABY IN A PARKED CAR …not even for a few minutes . It takes seconds for baby to overheat.