The parent files…Flying with baby

​If you’re flying with a baby or toddler, you know that needing something and not having access to it would be disastrous. 
I have tried to compile a comprehensive list of what you need to pack for your little one.

If you split the contents between the usually allotted 2 bags of carry-on luggage by most airlines for 2 adults and a baby sitting on your lap, you should be able to avoid bringing along a donkey to carry everything!

Several airlines also allow you to take your pram and car chair without counting it as extra luggage. It would be wise to ask if this is allowed when you book your flight.

Packing for baby

Plane Tickets …if baby has his own seat
Passports & Other ID
Consent Form if both parents are not travelling

To keep baby busy
Tablet or Laptop & Charger and/or DVD Player (if baby is old enough) & DVDs, headphones

To keep baby comfortable
Baby’s ‘Woobie’ or special blanket or toy
Ponado syrup for baby’s ears should they pain with altitude

Baby’s diaper bag
1 Diaper per every hour of your journey
Disposible diaper bags
2 changes of clothes for baby
Plastic bags for laundry
Food for baby – at least two more meals than you think you’ll need
Formula or milk for baby – at least 2 more feeds than you think you’ll need
Clean Bottles or Sippy Cups
Breast Pump & Accessories (if you’re pumping)
Extra soothers
2 blankets
Travel size toiletries
Travel size diaper rash cream
Hand sanitizer
Snacks for toddlers

Happy Travels!


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