#little bear. ..Letters from Santa

As little bear celebrates his first CHRISTMAS this year I wanted to start our traditions now. 

He may be to little to read or understand but as he grows he will enjoy looking back at both his letters to Santa and those he received back.

I Googled and managed to find some wonderful free letters from Santa.  These letter generators vary and you add your child’s name, area and gender……and with a little CHRISTMAS magic their letters are produced,downloaded and ready for you to pop into your mail box.

I’m looking forward to little bear face as he gets older and sees that Santa wrote to him. 


Edu tips…emotions

As the mom of 2 boys with Aspergers, I know just how hard it can be for some kids to express emotion.

Help me understand is a concept that allows your child to mold the emotion he feels.

Print and laminate an empty face and sheet of faces depicting emotions. Give your child a ball of play dough some googly eyes and various craft materials.  Help him to build his emotion.

This not only allows him to express himself but also to open dialog between you and him to help you to understand his he feels.

The parent files…Flying with baby

​If you’re flying with a baby or toddler, you know that needing something and not having access to it would be disastrous. 
I have tried to compile a comprehensive list of what you need to pack for your little one.

If you split the contents between the usually allotted 2 bags of carry-on luggage by most airlines for 2 adults and a baby sitting on your lap, you should be able to avoid bringing along a donkey to carry everything!

Several airlines also allow you to take your pram and car chair without counting it as extra luggage. It would be wise to ask if this is allowed when you book your flight.

Packing for baby

Plane Tickets …if baby has his own seat
Passports & Other ID
Consent Form if both parents are not travelling

To keep baby busy
Tablet or Laptop & Charger and/or DVD Player (if baby is old enough) & DVDs, headphones

To keep baby comfortable
Baby’s ‘Woobie’ or special blanket or toy
Ponado syrup for baby’s ears should they pain with altitude

Baby’s diaper bag
1 Diaper per every hour of your journey
Disposible diaper bags
2 changes of clothes for baby
Plastic bags for laundry
Food for baby – at least two more meals than you think you’ll need
Formula or milk for baby – at least 2 more feeds than you think you’ll need
Clean Bottles or Sippy Cups
Breast Pump & Accessories (if you’re pumping)
Extra soothers
2 blankets
Travel size toiletries
Travel size diaper rash cream
Hand sanitizer
Snacks for toddlers

Happy Travels!

Moms and babes …a review

​Moms and babes 

Moms and babes Tableview

Last Thursday little bear and I , yes with broken ankle, went to our very first Moms and Babes classes. Although I’m a seasoned mom, this was my first experience at baby stimulation classes. I’ve taught baby classes at school and done much research for my own children so I was quite interested to see life from the other perspective, that of the student.
Moms and babes , come very highly recommended in all circles , but still I had my doubts as to how much I’d walk away with and what benefit little bear would gain other than from a social perspective. 
Vannessa started our class with soft music creating a gentle ambiance for the little babes. Moms were casual as we glanced around the bright , neat studio. Comfortable beanbags meant that , even with my ankle, everyone was sitting comfortably and level with their babies who were made comfortable on little blankets, each with its own activity gym and box of wonders.
What impressed me was the lack of pressure. Moms weren’t forced to make a baby participate and often, if little one is fussing you feel the need to run out and calm him , as little bear fussed no evil glances were shone my way and Vannessa calmly carried on her lesson.
I was impressed to hear the foundation of the program was designed by professionals , meaning none of the activities would harm my now 8 week old.
The lesson began with the introduction of visual tracking and little bear followed my face as I leaned over him cooing. Next he tracked a bouncy monkey , somehow the monkey seemed more entertaining than mom as he cooed and gurgled.
We were lead into some action rhymes , and shown how to move baby’s arms and legs to assist with his gross motor development. Little bear and I have been singing pat-a -cake and tall buildings for a week now and he loves it.
The other activities were all age appropriate and easy for moms and baby to follow. I especially took note of the correct way to help baby sit and roll over. This was something I certainly didn’t know, even 7 kiddos later.
 The toys are well kept and clean. I didn’t flinch as I lay little bear on his tummy for tummy time and saw him suck the mirror.
We launched into story time, which is my favourite and as I sat little bear in front of me his eyes scanned all around, the book of little interest compared to all the new sounds, voices and colours around him.
Our lesson ended in cuddles and this was his favourite part. Having now realised he’d just spent the good part of his morning learning new skills, as if on command he snuggled in and closed his eyes for a well deserved nap.
Thank you Vannessa for an amazing first experience. For your calm gentle voice and your knowledgeable lesson. 
Little bear and I can’t wait for our next class ……